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The rock of Gibraltar occupies a strategic position at the eastern entrance to the narrow strait and guards the only exit from the Mediterranean to the wide ocean beyond. Gibraltar has been in the historical limelight for over 3,000 years. 4,000 years ago the ancient mariners daren't pass the rock for fear of the currents. The Phoenicians sailed past it and used it as an important landmark, marking the entrance to the Atlantic. [http://www.idealspain.com/pages/information/GibHistory.htm Read more...]
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=== Useful Websites<br> ===
* [http://www.gibraltargenealogy.com/ <span>Gibraltar</span>]<span>[http://www.gibraltargenealogy.com/ Genealogy]</span>[http://lists.rootsweb.com/index/intl/GIB/GIBRALTAR.html <span></span>]
* [http://lists.rootsweb.com/index/intl/GIB/GIBRALTAR.html <span>Gibraltar</span>]<span>[http://lists.rootsweb.com/index/intl/GIB/GIBRALTAR.html Mailing List]</span>
* [http://gibraltargenealogy.tripod.com/gibraltargenealogyindex.html <span>Gibraltar</span>]<span>[http://gibraltargenealogy.tripod.com/gibraltargenealogyindex.html Genealogy Search Page]</span>
* <span>[http://www.interment.net/uk/gib/index.htm Gibraltar Cemeteries]</span>
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