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When Greece became an independent state, communities began keeping registers of males ([[Greece Civil Registration- Vital Records|Mitroon Arrenon]]), which list all the males born in a particular community. They were kept for voting and military purposes. Male registers were created for all communities in Greece. As new areas became part of Greece, their communities also began keeping male registers. In some areas male registers were reconstructed from other records back to 1825.
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* Most people leaving Greece in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries went to the United States, Egypt, Australia, South America, or South Africa. By 1910, an estimated one quarter to one fifth of the total labor force of Greece had left.
=== Useful Websites ===
[http://www.greekfamilies.com/ Greek Genealogy Resource]
[http://greekgenealogy.org/ Greek Genealogy – Family History]
[http://www.daddezio.com/grekgen.html Greek Genealogy Home Page]
[http://lists.rootsweb.com/index/intl/GRC/?cj=1&o_xid=0001029688&o_lid=0001029688 Greece Mailing List]
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