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[Description of the state]

General Information

Guárico is located in the region of the plains of Venezuela. It limits with the following states: to the north with Carabobo, Aragua and Miranda, to the south with Apure and Bolivar, to the west with Cojedes and Barinas and to the east with Anzoátegui.

The plains were populated around the XVIII (18th) century with the establishment of catholic missions, some of which they would become cities, like San Juan Morros (1675), State Capital. It was erected as a parish in 1780 and vistited by Alexander de Humboldt (1800) for its thermal waters and the rock formation known as the Morros of San Juan, by which the population is famous. Other important cities are: Calabozo, founded on 1726 live Villa of All the Saints of Calabozo; Altagracia de Orituco, founded en xxxx

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Did you know?

  • Venezuela is officially called: Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.
  • Venezuela is divided into 23 states and 1 capital district. Each state is further divided into more than 300 municipios . To learn more click here. To find address and other contact information visit: http://www.gobiernoenlinea.ve/directorioestado/Registros Civiles de Venezuela Knowing about a country's political divisions will help in determining where records such as civil registration and census are located.

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