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The Genealogische Gesellschaft Hamburg e.V. is working on online databanks re. research in Hamburg. They have published thus far:

Alphabetical list of prisoners of the Spinnhaus prison in Hamburg from 1669-1688

20.000 deaths between 1712-1715

Hamburg protectecd citizens (Schutzverwandte) 1780 -1810

Hamburg address book of 1794

Census of Altona 1803 with 23.000 entries

Index of a Hamburg register 1833-1844 with 27.000 entries

The society will give a glimpse of its work online, however, membership is required to get full access to the online extractions.

In the library of the Genealogische Gesellschaft Hamburg e.V. it is also possible to get information from their additional databanks, such as

Allgemeine Personensammlung - general population list with 2.1 million names

Names from the society page from Hamburg and surrounds 1950/51 with 197.000 names

Death records from "Deutsches Adelsblatt" (magazine) 1942-2006 with 12.000 names

Marriages from 1608-1775 und 1862-1865 with 175.000 names

Names of ministers - 74.000 names

Biographies from literature and news paper articles with 28.000 names.

The Genealogische Gesellschaft Hamburg e.V. also takes part in the Nordelbischer Genealogentag in Rickling every year. The meeting is usually held in October and is co-ordinated in turn with the genealogical societies of Kiel and Lübeck.