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[[Hastings St Clement, Sussex]]<br>
[[Hastings St Clement, Sussex]]<br>
[[Hastings St Mary Magdalen, Sussex]]<br>
[https://www.familysearch.org/learn/wiki/en/Hastings_St_Mary_in_the_Castle,_Sussex Hastings St Mary in the Castle, Sussex]<br>[[Hastings St Mary Magdalen, Sussex]]<br>[[Hastings St Nicholas (Fishermens Church), Sussex]]<br>[[St Leonard's on Sea, Sussex]]<br>
[[Hastings St Nicholas (Fishermens Church), Sussex]]<br>
[[St Leonard's on Sea, Sussex]]<br>
== Other churches:<br> ==
== Other churches:<br> ==

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Hastings, Sussex may refer to:

The Anglican churches (Church of England) of

Hastings All Saints, Sussex

Hastings All Souls, Sussex

Hastings Christ Church and St Andrew, Sussex

Hastings Emmanuel, Sussex

Hastings Holy Trinity, Sussex

Hastings St Clement, Sussex

Hastings St Mary in the Castle, Sussex
Hastings St Mary Magdalen, Sussex
Hastings St Nicholas (Fishermens Church), Sussex
St Leonard's on Sea, Sussex

Other churches:

Congregational Church, The Croft see Hastings Congregational Church, Sussex
Hastings Croft Chapel,Sussex
Hastings St Mary Star of the Sea, Sussex Roman Catholic
Hastings Wellington Square Baptist Church, Hastings
Hastings Wesleyan Chapel, Sussex

For a history of the churches in Hastings:

Sussex Parish Churches Hastings and St Leonards introduction

Hastings Sussex Online Parish Clerks(OPC)

See also List of Places of worship in Hastings Wikipedia for currrent and demolished or disused places of worship in the Hastings and St Leonards on Sea area.