Hawaii County Creation Dates and Parent Counties

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Name of County Date Formed Boundary
Parent County Counties Created by Boundary Changes
Hawaii 1905 Jul 01 Details Hawaiian Territory none
Honolulu 1907 7 19 Details Oahu County none
Kalawao 1905 Jul 01 Details Maui north part of Molokai Island, co-existence with Kalaupapa National Historical Park
Kauai 1905 Jul 01 Details Hawaiian Territory none
Maui 1905 Jul 01 Details Hawaiian Territory none
Oahu 1905 Jul 01 Details Hawaiian Territory renamed Honolulu 1907

Name of Island County
Hawaii Hawaii
Kahoolawe Maui
Kaua’i Kauai
Ka’ula Kauai
Lanai Maui
Lehua Kauai
Maui Maui
Molokai Maui
Ni’ihau Kauai
O’ahu Honolulu
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