Hedemarken og Østerdalen Deanery

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Probate records of Hedemarken and Østerdalen, 1696-1779 Deaneries in Hedmark county, Norway, which includes the following clerical districts:

  • Hedemarken
    • Hamar
    • Løten
    • Nes
    • Ringsaker
    • Romedal
    • Stange
    • Vang
  • Østerdalen
    • Alvdal
    • Kvikne
    • Os
    • Rendal
    • Tolga
    • Tynset
    • Elverum
    • Sollia
    • Stor-Elvdal
    • Trysil
    • Åmot

Contains dates, names of the deceased, heirs, guardians and trustees, inventory lists and other miscellaneous information.

Index to clerical probates for Hedmak and Østerdalen, 1695-1777

Clerical probate records for Hedmark and Østerdalen, 1695-1777

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