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*[[Tynset, Norway|Tynset]]  
*[[Tynset, Norway|Tynset]]  
*[[Ulleren, Norway|Ulleren]]  
*[[Ulleren, Norway|Ulleren]]  
*[[Vallset(Tomter), Norway|Vallset(Tomter)]]  
*[[Vallset(Tomter), Norway|Vallset (Tomter)]]  
*[[Vang, Hedmark, Norway|Vang]]  
*[[Vang, Hedmark, Norway|Vang]]  
*[[Veldre, Norway|Veldre]]  
*[[Veldre, Norway|Veldre]]  

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Norway > Hedmark County

Hedmark is a county in Norway, bordering Sør-Trøndelag, Oppland and Akershus. The county administration is in Hamar.

Hedmark makes up the northeastern part of Østlandet, the southeastern part of the country. It includes a long part of the borderline with Sweden, Dalarna County and Värmland County. Geographically, Hedmark is in the traditional sense divided in the following areas: Hedemarken, east of Mjøsa, Østerdalen, north of Elverum, and Glåmdalen, south of Elverum. Hedmark and Oppland are the only Norwegian counties with no coastline. Hedmark also hosted some of the 1994 Winter Olympic Games.

Hedmark is one of the less urbanized areas in Norway, as about half of the inhabitants live on rural land. Population is mainly concentrated in the rich agricultural district adjoining Mjøsa to the southeast. The county's extensive forests supply much of Norway's timber. Logs were previously floated down Glomma to the coast but are now transported by truck and train.

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Cities, Parishes and Clerical Districts in Hedmark County


Map of Hedmark County (special thanks to James Hasleton for improving the image).


Cemeteries in Hedmark County


Military Records 

Roll av Østerdalske Kompani

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Emigrantar over Bergen frå Austlandet

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Register:  Clerical Records for Hedmark and Østerdalen 1695-1777

Clerical Records for Hedmark and Østerdalen 1695-1777

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