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Help-content.png This help article will guide you as you edit in the Wiki. See Contributor Help for more help articles.

Watch a video demonstration of how to add images to the wiki.

To insert an image in an article, the image must first be submitted, approved, and uploaded to the FamilySearch Wiki. Any logged-in user can submit an image. Only Reviewers can approve images and upload them directly to the Wiki. __NORICHEDITOR__ There are two ways of inserting the uploaded image in the FamilySearch Wiki.

  • Inserting images using the editing tool
  • Inserting images using wikitext code

Inserting images using the editing tool

NOTE: The image must first be uploaded to the Wiki before these instructions will work. Learn how to upload an image.

1. Locate the page where you want to insert the image by searching for it.

2. Click Edit on the page you want to insert the image into.

3. In the edit window, place the cursor next to the text where you want the image to appear.
Image insertion point.PNG

4. Locate the yellow icon on the toolbar at the top of the edit window. Click on the icons (shown below.)

Insert image icon on toolbar.png

5. The Image Properties window will appear:


6. Type the name of the image in the "Image file name" box. As you type the name, the search box below will list possible matches. When the correct title appears in the search box, click on the title in the "automatic search results" box. This will insert the correct title into the "Image file name" box.

7. In lower left-hand corner of the "Image Properties" window, click on the dropdown menu titled "Special Type" and click on Thumbnail to show a small version of the image on the page. (Users may click on the image to view a full version of the image.)

8. Next to Special Type, click on the drop-down menu titled "Align" to choose where on the page the image will appear: Left side, right side, or center.

9. In the "Image Properties" window, click OK to insert the image.

10. This will return you to the edit screen. The image should appear on the screen, but is not yet saved.

11. Scroll down to the bottom of the edit page, until you can see the button titled Save page.

12. Type "Inserted Image" in the "Summary" box located below the edit window, and then click Save page.

13. The saved page will appear after clicking Save page. You  should now see the image on the saved page. To see a larger version of the image, click on the image.

Inserting images using wikitext code

4) Open the article where you intend to insert the image.

5) You must be logged into the Family Search Wiki.

6) Click the Edit This Page button. The Edit Window will open.

7) Click in the edit window where you want the image inserted.

8) Look for the icon at the top, showing a small picture. Its the third one from the left, just under Preview. Click this picture.

9) The following will be added to the Edit Window: [[File:Example.jpg]]

10) Now Paste the Name of the Image. It should look like the following - Two opening square brackets, then the word File followed by a colon and the Name of the Image, finally two closing square brackets. Make sure there is only one File. Since this is only text, you can also just type all this.

11) There are many ways to format the image on the page to make it look different, such as size, border, caption, which side of the page, above the text or below, etc. See Help:Images

12) When all the changes have been made, type in the Edit Summary and click Save Page located below the edit window.

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