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PD Important note: This page started out as a copy of one of the Public Domain Help Pages, which can be freely copied into fresh wiki installations and/or distributed with MediaWiki software; see mw:Help:Contents for an overview of all pages. See Project:PD help/Copying for instructions. PD

Running your own bot

For what use? E.g. add a footer to some categorized pages,[1] add some wikilinks,[2] archive in moving old talk to subpages,[3] edit categories,[4] manage templates.[5]
  1. add_text.py
  2. replace.py
  3. archivebot.py
  4. category.py
  5. template.py

Frameworks and interfaces for bot development

See API:Client Code

MediaWiki API is for convenient access to machine-readable data.

See also

Tools.png Tip for wiki admins: