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Getting Started

When starting a new project, one key to success is in the planning that is done before the project begins. The following are vital to a successful project:
  1. Identify a Project Leader who can define what it is you want to accomplish and how, and be able to communicate a clear picture of what the project will do. The project leader will take care of the following or assign others to do so:
    • Clearly define the scope of the project
    • Recruit individuals who can help with the project
    • Hold regular meetings or discussions on where things are, give kudos, etc.
    • Train and give individual attention to volunteers to do the tasks spelled out

  2. Name the project and create the project pages. For more details about naming new WikiProject pages, see FamilySearch Wiki:Naming Conventions for Project Pages
    • Create a Welcome page to:
    1. Tell about the project
    2. Give a spot where people can sign up to participate
    3. Summarize where the project is and what currently needs help
    4. Explain how the project members will communicate with each other going forward. Possibilities are:
      • Wiki project pages
      • FamilySearch Wiki forums
      • Skype
      • Regular meetings through MeetingPlace
    • Define tasks and create pages to explain the various tasks. Make the tasks simple so that someone new to the wiki doesn't feel overwhelmed with the scope of the work. On each task page, add the description of the task and a include sign-up sheet for the tasks that give information about the task, a spot for people to sign up, when the task is completed, etc.
  3. Seek volunteers to help
    • Let people know in the FamilySearch Wiki forums that a new project has been created
    • Look at who has contributed to existing pages in that topic area in the past and invite them to join in on the project
    • Invite those in the community who have special knowledge about research in this area to be a part of the project. One way to find them is through bloggers at Geneabloggers (see a list of bloggers by type).

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