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  Wendy Lee Hughes
'''Before creating a page, you may want to review the following:'''
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*[[Help:Wiki Overview]]
*[[Help:Edit and Contribute|The Editing Tool]]
*[[FamilySearch Wiki:Talk page guidelines]]
*[[Community Center]]
*[http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/us/    Copyright Policies]
*[[FamilySearch Wiki:Purpose and Appropriate Topics|Purpose and Appropriate Topics]]
'''To create a new wiki page:'''[[Image:Computer keyboard.gif|border|right|280x178px]]
#Search the Wiki for the subject and title of the page you want to create. If you find a similar article, you may add content to the existing page rather than create another page.
#After reviewing the article on [[FamilySearch Wiki:Naming conventions|naming conventions]], type the name of the article you want to create in the box below. Do not include characters such as ?, !, *, etc. as part of an article title.  Click '''create page'''.
#This will take you to the edit screen of the new page. Add content to the new page, and click '''save page.'''
'''NOTE:''' To make your page better,[[Create an internal link| link your article]] to other pages in the Wiki.
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