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Patrolling Recent Changes

Currently, the patrolling of recent changes is done only on Discussion/Talk pages. If you would like to help us be able to patrol all changes to the wiki, volunteer to help on the Discussion page.

Patrolling Discussion/Talk Pages

  1. Go to the Recent Changes report

    1. Log in with your username and password. (This requires Moderator rights.)
    2. Click here to get a list of recent changes to patrol.
    3. Select to view 500 results (keep Namespace selected "all")
    4. Click on Hide patrolled edits to only show those pages that need patrolling.
  2. Find Talk pages to patrol

    1. Click Ctrl+F.
    2. Type "Talk:" and then click Next - that will take you to each of the talk pages.
    3. Click (diff) at the beginning of the line
  3. Patrol the changes

    1. If the policies and guidelines are being followed, click [Mark as patrolled]. It is located at the top under the right side revision information, above the changes.

    2. Remember that we are also looking for:

      • Questions that patrons ask
      • Problems, concerns, or other issues that may need to be resolved
      • Trends that may indicate larger concerns or issues to resolve
    3. If the item is a question or a concern:

      1. Add the {{Patron question}} template to the page.
      2. If the question is about information in the wiki:
        • Answer the question if you know the answer (and remove the {{Patron question}} template).
        • If you can't answer the question, the {{Patron question}} template will tag the question so it can be reviewed and we can make sure it gets an answer eventually.
      3. If the question is not about the information in the main article, such as a research or product question, it doesn't belong on this page. Add a note to refer the patron to the forums to ask their question. Once the patron asks their question on the forum, delete the entire question from this page.
    4. If the item shows a problem or trend that may indicate larger issues, bring it up to the patrolling team to discuss.

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