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Basic Searches

Type Keywords.  To do a Basic Search, simply type search terms in the Search box on any page of the site and click Search or press Enter.  For example:  London Cemeteries

Type the Title of an Article.  If you know the title of an article you want to find, try typing the title.  Example:  Finding Information in the Davis County, Utah Public Records

Search Suggestions

  1. Think about what you want to find out about an ancestor. Think about word variations that may be used to describe that type of record. For example, if you want to locate a birth record, this may also appear under the headings "Vital Records" or "Civil Registration."
  2. Second, consider the location where that event may have happened. If you don't have a specific locality, start big. Even searching under "United States Birth" may give you hints on trying to narrow down your search.
  3. If the search results do not help you locate what you need to learn about an ancestor, think about other records that may possibly contain the information you want to learn. For example, a death record may contain an ancestor's birth date and place to make it easier to locate the ancestor's parents or other helpful information.
  4. In general, it is easier to begin looking for records

Note: Basic Search supports Boolean operators.