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Basic Searches

Type Keywords.  To do a Basic Search, simply type search terms in the Search box on any page of the site and click Search or press Enter.  For example:  London Cemeteries

Type the Title of an Article.  If you know the title of an article you want to find, try typing the title.  Example:  Finding Information in the Davis County, Utah Public Records

Note: Basic Search supports Boolean operators.

Advanced Search

You can filter your searches eight different ways in the Advanced Search. The Advanced Search also allows for Boolean operators, phrases, parenthesis, and wild card searches. The filter options include:

  • Text: the full text of the article.
  • Title: words in the title.
  • Keywords: metadata that does not appear as visible text in an article, but which is added to an article by an author in order for the search engine to find the article when certain search terms are used.
  • Description: text that appears in bold underneath an article's title.
  • Item Type: such as Page, Folder, File, Forum, etc.
  • Author: login name of an author.
  • Review State: the status of the item in the authoring process. Examples: Public Draft, Active, Pending, Locked, etc.