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 I'm searching for the ship log of the George Hurlbert which arrived from Antwerp in New York on 20 June 1854. 

My 2nd great grandfather, Johannes Widmer, his wife, Elizabeth, their daughter Elizabeth, their son, Albrecht, and their daughter Rocina (or Rosina) arrived on this ship.

According to a short family history they left Switzerland because conditions there were not good.  I am assuming that they are from Bern canton but do not know.

While enroute Elizabeth delivered a baby who died.  I have no idea if the baby was a boy or a girl.  According to this family history the baby was not buried at sea but was buried on an island.  I have no idea where to search.  I do not know the route the ship took.  I was hoping to find a ship's log in which the captain recorded such information or to find what sea lane the ship took so I could see what land masses they passed.  Then I might be able to search records there if there are any.

Does anyone have any ideas about where to search?