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== '''Collaborate in the Wiki'''  ==
Working together, we can create a better research tool than we could if individuals were developing pages on their own.
==== Projects Seeking Contributors  ====
::There are always many projects in progress in the wiki. Our [[Projects Seeking Contributors]] page lists the many projects that you can get involved with.&nbsp;&nbsp;
Following are the ways we communicate and collaborate in the Wiki:
==== Discussion Pages  ====
::When a Wiki user has a question or comment about a specific article, policy, or other page in the Wiki, they can add their comments to the Discussion page.
::This will send an email to anyone who is "Watching" the page, notifying them of the change. They can come in and reply to the original question or comments.
::''See also:''
:::[[Help:Discussion Pages (Talk Pages)]]
==== Forums  ====
::Genealogists world-wide are working together to help find our ancestors! Imagine a place where you&nbsp;can ask&nbsp;a question about anything related to family history. Then imagine community members all over the world with their collective knowledge answering these questions. Post your questions by starting a new thread. Post answers to questions from other researchers. Registering with the FamilySearch Forums will provide the option for automatic notifications on any thread of interest. Two languages are currently available:
:::*[http://forums.familysearch.org/en/ English Forums]
:::*[http://forums.familysearch.org/es/ Spanish Forums]
==== Live Community Meetings  ====
::Some community members prefer receiving live help on a conference call with fellow community members. If this is your preference, join one or more [[FamilySearch Wiki:Community Meetings|Community Meetings]] that are held live online.
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