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:Aby lepiej zrozumieć to co można osiągnąć dzięki Wiki wskazują poniższe linki ;
:Aby lepiej zrozumieć to co można osiągnąć dzięki Wiki wskazują poniższe linki ;
::*[[Help:Wiki Overview|Wiki Overview]] <br>  
::*[[Help:Wiki Overview|Wiki Overview]] '''(Przegląd Wiki)''' <br>  
::*[[FamilySearch Wiki:Purpose and Appropriate Topics|Wiki Purpose and Appropriate Topics]]<br>  
::*[[FamilySearch Wiki:Purpose and Appropriate Topics|Wiki Purpose and Appropriate Topics]] '''(Cel Wiki i odpowiednich tematów)'''<br>  
::*[[FamilySearch Wiki:Introduction|Why We Built FamilySearch Wiki]]
::*[[FamilySearch Wiki:Introduction|Why We Built FamilySearch Wiki]] '''(Dlaczego Wbudowany FamilySearch Wiki)'''

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Witamy w badaniach poszukiwawczych WIKI !

FamilySearch badania Wiki to miejsce, gdzie możesz:


Badać historię swojej  rodziny
  • Find out what historical records (Dowiedz się czegoś o historii swojej rodziny)
  • Dostępne są miejscowości na całym świecie i jak należy postępować aby uzyskać dostęp do tych informacji.

Learn research strategies (Zapoznaj się ze sposobem prowadzenia poszukiwań genealogicznych)

  • aby wiedzieć, jak prowadzić badania rodziny


Wkład swojej pracy i szybkie przekazywanie wiedzy ===
  • Share your knowledge (Podziel się swoją wiedzą)
  • o najlepszych sposobach, aby prowadzić badania historii rodziny
  • Store great research tips (Zbiór cennych wskazówek do prowadzenia badań)
  • poznasz ale może nie być jeszcze gotowy do użytku
Collaborate in the Wiki (Współpraca z innymi w Wiki)
  • Collaborate with others (Współpracuj z innymi)
  • do stworzenia kompleksowego narzędzia do wytycznych i kierunków badania
Aby lepiej zrozumieć to co można osiągnąć dzięki Wiki wskazują poniższe linki ;

Research your Family History

Following are two of the many ways to use the Wiki for research assistance:
1. Finding information
Find out where an ancestor is from, then search for that location in the wiki to see what records are available there:
2. Research Guidance
Learn about specific strategies and tips on how to do genealogy research

Contribute Your Knowledge to the Wiki

Share your knowledge with others

Even if you've only been researching for a short time, you know something that can help other researchers find their family members. Everyone knows something. By sharing your knowledge, you are ensuring that others will be able to find their families.
  • The Edit and Contribute page is the central resource for instructions about how to edit in the Wiki.
  • Projects Seeking Contributors lists some of the community projects that are currently being worked on.
  • There is a Community Meeting for New Wiki Contributors on Thursday afternoons. Come to learn more about how to edit in the Wiki.

Store Information in the Wiki

As a genealogist, you are constantly learning tips and tricks that you will be able to use to find information on a family you may not be ready to research yet.
As you find these types of research helps, rather than Bookmarking or creating a Favorite in your browser that you may not be able to find later, go to the Wiki page for that locality or topic, and add a note about this resource. That way, you and anyone else who is researching in that area/topic will be able to find it too!
Here are a few links to get you started:

Collaborate in the Wiki

Working together, we can create a better research tool than we could if individuals were developing pages on their own.

Projects Seeking Contributors

There are always many projects in progress in the wiki. Our Projects Seeking Contributors page lists the many projects that you can get involved with.  


Following are the ways we communicate and collaborate in the Wiki:

Discussion Pages

When a Wiki user has a question or comment about a specific article, policy, or other page in the Wiki, they can add their comments to the Discussion page.
This will send an email to anyone who is "Watching" the page, notifying them of the change. They can come in and reply to the original question or comments.
See also:
Help:Discussion Pages (Talk Pages)


Genealogists world-wide are working together to help find our ancestors! Imagine a place where you can ask a question about anything related to family history. Then imagine community members all over the world with their collective knowledge answering these questions. Post your questions by starting a new thread. Post answers to questions from other researchers. Registering with the FamilySearch Forums will provide the option for automatic notifications on any thread of interest. Two languages are currently available:

Live Community Meetings

Some community members prefer receiving live help on a conference call with fellow community members. If this is your preference, join one or more Community Meetings that are held live online.

Help-content.png Questions?
Visit the Wiki Contributor Help Forum to receive help with contributing to the Wiki.