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::::*Invite them to ask questions in the [http://forums.familysearch.org/en/forumdisplay.php?f=81 Contributor's Corner]
::::*Invite them to ask questions in the [http://forums.familysearch.org/en/forumdisplay.php?f=81 Contributor's Corner]
::'''Family History Centers or LDS Stakes'''  
::'''Family History Centers'''  
:::Your responsibilities will be to:<br>
:::Your responsibilities will be to:<br>
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:::::*See the [[Help:Edit and Contribute|Contributor Help]] page for links and getting started information, and the '''Community drop down menu''' in the right margin for ongoing help information<br>
:::::*See the [[Help:Edit and Contribute|Contributor Help]] page for links and getting started information, and the '''Community drop down menu''' in the right margin for ongoing help information<br>
<br>{{Contributor Help badge}}  
<br>{{Contributor Help badge}}
==== Training Individuals  ====
==== Training Individuals  ====

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Thank you for being willing to take on the responsibilities of a Research Wiki Trainer! As a Wiki Trainer, you'll teach others about contributing to the Wiki. You may be:

  1. Part of an organization who has adopted pages in the Wiki, or
  2. A volunteer with a Family History Center, or
  3. An individual who would like to help others learn how to contribute.

In any case, we appreciate your service!

Getting Started as a Wiki Trainer

Learn about the Wiki
If you are new to the Wiki, you'll want to be aware of important links that will teach you what you need to know about the Wiki:
  1. Wiki Tour
    What the Wiki is for and how to use it
  2. Contributor Helps
    Get started contributing to the Wiki
  3. Community (Links found in the Community drop down menu in the right margin)
    Community Meetings
    Wiki Forums
    Guiding Principles

Connect with other Wiki Trainers
To connect with other Wiki Trainers - to ask questions or just to discuss what you are doing and how you should do it - there is a Wiki Trainer group on the Forums:
  1. Go to the FamilySearch Wiki Trainer forum.
  2. Sign In in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Subscribe to the forum by clicking under Group Tools dropdown list to be notified when there are posts to this form.
  4. Read the posts of others and take the opportunity to post comments and questions you may have. (You can read posts without signing in, but you can not post questions or comments.)

Responsibilities of the Wiki Trainer

Training Within an Organization

As a Wiki Trainer affiliated with an organization, your goal will be to help other members of that organization be successful in contributing to the Wiki.
Adopting Organizations
Your responsibility will be to work with individuals to help them get started.
  • Work one-on-one with individual members to help them know how to contribute. The best ways to do this is to:
  1. Ensure they know what their specific assignment and responsibility is
  2. Teach them about the getting started links above
  3. Review the pages they are working on and offer assistance as necessary
  • Make sure they know where to go for help
Family History Centers
Your responsibilities will be to:
  1. Help create your center's Wiki page
  2. Teach the family history consultants, volunteers, and interested patrons:
  • About the Research Wiki and what it is
  • How to use the Wiki to help others research
  • How to contribute and add knowledge to the Wiki
  • See the Contributor Help page for links and getting started information, and the Community drop down menu in the right margin for ongoing help information

Help-content.png Questions?
Visit the Wiki Contributor Help Forum to receive help with contributing to the Wiki.

Training Individuals

If you have found satisfaction in contributing your knowledge to the Wiki and would like to share that joy with others, we welcome you to reach out to others and help them be successful as well.
(More information coming in the near future...)



Where can you go for help?

For questions about editing and contributing to the Wiki, visit the Contributor Help forum to discuss issues and changes to the Wiki with other contributors.


For Organizations - Selecting a Wiki Trainer

As the leader of an organization interested in partnering with FamilySearch to add research guidance to the Wiki, you may be looking for someone who can help train others within your organization about how to use the Wiki.
There are many qualities that could make a good Wiki Trainer. It would help for a Wiki Trainer to be:
  • Comfortable with computers and technology (a background in building websites or involvement with Wikis in the past is a plus, but not necessary, since this can be learned)
  • Willing to train others - either individually or in a group setting
It would also be helpful if the Wiki Trainer were also comfortable with sharing their opinion on how they feel things should be, as it can sometimes be hard to make changes to the Wiki and make decisions if you're not used to sharing your opinion. Your Wiki Trainer could even be someone who is young, or even new to genealogy, and would be a good way for someone new to the work to get involved and learn more about family history.