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After consulting with citation experts the format of the citations has been altered to more closely represent concepts expressed in the book Evidence Explained

The concept of having automatic citations created on the fly is currently being explored.

Dorothy Horan

Why don't your examples follow the widely accepted standards of genealogy research?  By Evidence! Explained standards, the source citations should include information that would lead the reader to the actual original record, or as close to the original as possible.

For an online historical record collection like a US census record, that should include the National Archives Series number and Roll Number, and perhaps the FHL Microfilm number too. 

We are following guidelines from Evidence Explained. The citation instructions listed here are for collection users to list their findings in an online database. There is a section prior to this one in each FamilySearch Historical Records collection wiki article entitled Sources of Information for This Collection which lives  instructions for fully identifying the collection, including data about citing the original collection. It also includes a link to full instructions found in the wiki article entitled: How to Create Source Citations For FamilySearch Historical Records Collections

Dorothy Horan