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is a prenuptial agreement between couples. They report their possessions and distribution of wealth to the court. Often aging parents are involved because the young couple will take over their possessions. In such cases the parents will determine how they want to be relocated and treated. Often there is a clause what should happen in case of death of either spouse.

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When a person dies, usually an inventory of the estate of the deceased is made by the surviving spouse or relatives. Herein are listed the personal effects, household goods, cash and cattle etc. If children from a previous marriage are involved, they are counted in. The inventory is ratified by the court in the presence of several witnesses.

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are issued by the court when young people around 21 years of age want to claim their inheritance. They have to file an application to plead or declare their coming of age which would prove their capability to handle their own affairs. In most cases, the birth record was retrieved from the pastor and testimonies of guardians or others witnesses vouching for the self-reliance of the candidate. In some cases, the court did not issue a coming of age certificate. Such documents reveal next to dates also character traits or personal history of ancestors.

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