Hessen Genealogies

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For many parts of Hessen town genealogies (Ortssippenbuecher, Ortsfamilienbuecher) have been published or are in preparation. Alphabetical card files or other parish register indexes also exist. This interactive map of today's state of Hessen shows the compiled genealogical resources available.


Ortssippenbuch/town genealogy published in print

  • purple square- data ends prior to 1875 (partially published)
  • blue square - dates go to 1875 or beyond

Online town genealogy

  • blue-grey square - data can be accessed at this portal

Town genealogy available in another form

  • pink square- town genealogy is available as a manuscript/typescript or in a card file

Ortssippenbuch/ town genealogy in preparation

  • green square - town genealogy in preparation

Other genealogical collections available

  • yellow square- pedigrees, descendancy lists, family pages, registers

A click on the town brings up a box containing the book title, author, publication information, and often also contact information.