How to Find Hawaii Marriage Records

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Hawaii has a very long history. Many of the records are from oral stories. The islands became combined kingdom between 1782 and 1810. During the reign of the kings and queens some marriage records were recorded. The kingdom was abolished and the Republic of Hawaii was formed in 1894. In 1898, Hawaii became a territory of the United States, then was admitted as a state in 1960.

Finding Hawaii Marriage Records

  • 1826–1850 The Islands started keeping records, they are few in number
  • 1851–1895 There are sparse records from all islands
  • 1896–1929 There are two types of marriage records, some in Hawaiian and some in English
  • 1930 to the present the marriage records are more complete
  • Marriages occurring within 75 years are restricted to individuals who have a direct and tangible interest in the records[1]

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Marriage Records
Choose a time period:

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Marriages Before 1826

  • Before 1826, it will be difficult to locate marriage records.
  • Many family records will be passed down by oral history.
1. Look first in 2. Then search
Church Records
Cemetery Records
Death Records

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Marriages 1826 to 1929

STEP ONE: Find Marriage Information

Hawaii Marriage Database - Index Only
Try 1st:
Hawaii, Marriages, 1826–1922

Free; name index online at FamilySearch. It is incomplete because records are sparse.
*Order the film listed as "GS Film number" to view the actual marriage record.

Try 2nd:
Ulukau, Marriage Indexes 1826–1929

Free; marriage index pages at Hawaiian Electronic Library
The indexes are divided by islands and time periods.
You will find bride and groom's names, date of marriage, district, book, and page.

Can't find your ancestor in the online index? Tips for searching online indexes
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Marriages 1930 to 1949

Hawaii Marriage Database - Includes Index and Digital Images
Try 1st:
Hawaii Marriages, 18-- -19--

Free; most counties 18-- -19--: Free name index with images online at FamilySearch.

Records include such information as names of bride and groom, date of license, ages, race, residences, birthplaces, occupations and names of the fathers of the bride and groom.

Try 2nd:
Hawaii, County Marriages, 18-- - 19--

Free; name index with images online at FamilySearch.

Does not include the following counties:

Can't find your ancestor in the online index? Tips for searching online indexes
No marriage record for your ancestor?

Search for Gretna Greens-- locations away from the home county where marriage laws were less restrictive.

Other records with marriage information

Marriage Records on Microfilm
Some county marriage records may be available on microfilm at your local Family Search Center. If you know the approximate date and county where the marriage took place, use theFamily History Library Catalog (FHLC) to see what is available.

  • Search the FHLC by county.
  • Select the topic Vital Records. Look for records authored by the county clerk.
  • For a small fee, order the microfilm to view at a local Family Search Center.
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Marriages 1950 to Present

Marriage licenses may be found in the county records where the marriage occurred.

STEP ONE: Find Marriage Information

  • Copies may be ordered from the county clerk.
  • Copies may be ordered from the Hawaii Department of Public Health.
To Order Marriage Certificates
From County where Marriage occurred From MO Dept. of Health State office
Pros Cons Pros Cons
May be less expensive and faster than ordering from the state County websites can be more difficult to use Offers a search of the state index for an additional fee May be more expensive than ordering from the county

Ask for the marriage license or the marriage register, not the marriage certificate. The license or register usually contains more information.

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