Hungary Obituaries

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Hungary Funeral Notices 1840-1990 are now available online through the FamilySearch Labs at:;c=1542666;t=browsable;w=0

  • used to notify family and friends of a death and served also as an invitation to attend funeral sermon
  • somewhat vary in the information provided
  • represent only a fraction of Hungarians who died during the inclusive years, there are approximately 459,000 people represented in these cards
  • the earliest notice is from the year 1803 and the latest notices are just a few years old
  • not just from the area of Budapest, but all parts of the historical Kingdom of Hungary are fairly represented, including Slovakia, Croatia and Romania
  • while some are in Hungarian, many are in German, Croatian, Romanian, Slovak, with some French and Italian.
  • sometimes written in 2 languages, and there are also some, that are printed both in the Roman and in the Cyrilic alphabet

To see a sample funeral notice click here: