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Icelandic Letters English translation Pronunciation Keystrokes
Á á A a Ow in now ALT- 0193 ALT- 0225
Ð ð D d Th in brother ALT- 0208 ALT- 0240
É é E e Ye in yellow ALT- 0201 ALT- 0233
Í í I i Ee in knee ALT- 0205 ALT- 0237
Ó ó O o O in old ALT- 0211 ALT- 0243
Ú ú U u Oo in loom ALT- 0218 ALT- 0250
Ý ý Y y Ee in knee ALT- 0221 ALT- 0253
Þ þ Th th Th in think ALT- 0222 ALT- 0254
Æ æ Ae ae

I in mine

ALT- 0198 ALT- 0230
Ö ö O o

Ea in heard ALT- 0214 ALT- 148