Idaho Court Records

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Major Idaho courts that kept records of genealogical value were established as follows:

  • District courts have countywide jurisdiction over civil and criminal proceedings, including naturalization and property.
  • Probate courts had jurisdiction over probates, adoptions and minor civil matters until they were abolished in 1971. Their records and functions were assigned to the district courts or the magistrate divisions of the district courts.  Some early registers and/or indexes have been filmed by the Family History Library.  The registers and case files are often scattered in various vaults and storage areas in and adjacent to the local courthouse.  Some of the records may have been transferred to the Idaho State Historical Society in Boise.
  • Justice of the peace courts had jurisdiction over minor cases until 1971 when they were abolished. Their jurisdiction was assigned to the district courts.
  • Magistrate divisions of district courts are citywide courts assigned court cases by the various district courts. These cases generally include minor civil and criminal cases, probates, and juvenile matters.

The Family History Library does not presently have a significant collection of microfilmed Idaho court records. The Idaho State Historical Society has records of the Idaho Supreme Court and a growing collection of county level court case files. 

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