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Known Issues

Question #1: There are naturalization and other types of records mixed in with the probate records from some counties. Which counties have these records?
Answer #1: Below is a list of the counties with non-probate records and the name of the records.

Cole County
• Naturalization and Citizenship Vol. E, 1872-1888 and 1894-1946
Franklin County
• Naturalization and Citizenship, 1886-1904 and 1902-1909
Henderson County
• Naturalization and Citizenship Vol. F 1913-1920
• Naturalization and Citizenship Vol. G 1915-1929
Henry County
• Military Record, 1861-1864 and 1861-1865
Madison County
• Naturalization and Citizenship V. A-E, 1840-1929
McHenry County
• Declaration of Intentions, 1929-1933
• Naturalization Records, 1924-1932 and 1929-1947 and 1928-1929
Randolph County
• Administrator’s Records, 1844-1848
• Atlas 1875
• County Commissioner’s Records, 1824-1836
• Marks and Brands, 1849-1884
• Registry of Negroes 1809-1862
• School Commissioner’s Record, 1833-1857
Rock Island County
• Declaration of intentions v. 1, 1872-1878
• Naturalization Index, 1872-1906
• Naturalization Index v. 1, 1851-1962
White County
• Naturalization and Citizenship records, 1860-1898.

Question #2: The file for the county of Jersey, Index to Estate Papers V. A, 1839-1888 will not open. How can I view these records?
Answer #2: Until this problem is fixed, you can order film number 1310676 and view it in your local FamilySearch Center. For instructions on ordering films see: Ordering Microfilm or Microfiche.

Question #3: I am seeing records outside the date range listed in the browse point Johnson > Probate journal 1874-1877 vol C. Can you clarify that for me?
Answer #3: The correct dates for this browse point should be 1866-1877.

Question #4: In Livingston County , Wills 1867-1883 vol A the index page for I/J is missing. Can I view that page somewhere else?
Answer #4: The page was missed on the original microfilm, so is not available for viewing online or by ordering the microfilm.

Question #5: The file for the county of McHenry, Probate Records Vol. 004, 1844-1985 does not contain Probate Records. What type of records are contained in this file?
Answer #5: Image 1 and 2 are the cover of a book titled Petitions for Citizenship, but there are no petitions shown. Image 3 states that this waypoint contains an Index to Estate Files 1844-1986.

Question #6: Why are there no Non-Probated Wills in the file for McHenry, Non-Probated Wills 1886-1976?
Answer #6: This file should have been titled Index to Non-Probated Wills 1886-1976.

Question #7: Are records for Pike County available?
Answer #7: The Probate Records from Pike County are not available online, but they are available on microfilm which can be ordered and viewed at your local FamilySearch Center. To find the correct film to order see Probate Records, 1821-1873 in the Catalog. You can then Order the Microfilm.

Question #8: The file for the county of Schuyler, Probate Index 1827-1926, V. 002 begins with the letter “M”. Where can I find the first part of this index, for the letters “A - L”?
Answer #8: The first half of the index is in the file incorrectly titled: Court papers index 1837-1921, vol 002.

Question #9: In the file for the county of Woodford, Probate records 1862-1864, Vol. B the last part of the book is not online. How can I view these images?
Answer #9:  The remainder of these images are available by ordering film number 1401869 to view in your local FamilySearch Center. For instructions on ordering films see: Ordering Microfilm or Microfiche.

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    For example: Illinois, Probate Records, 1819-1970 > Jasper > Probate records 1856-1858 vol B > image 28 of 277.
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