Indian Cove, Owyhee County, Idaho Genealogy

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Quick Facts

Former name

The area was formerly known as Brown's Flat.

Geographic location

Indian Cove is located in the extreme northeastern corner of Owyhee County, east of the Bruneau Dunes State Park and south of the Snake River.




Access to the area was originally made possible by a ferry across the Snake River. It was operated by a Mr. Roberts and was located about one mile downriver from the later location of the Indian Cove pumping plant. That ferry was moved upriver in 1909 and was used until a bridge was built across the Snake River below Hammett in the early 1920s.

The Indian Cove Irrigation District was organized in 1912. Water was pumped from the Snake River from the Indian Cove pumping plant. This furnished irrigation water to the adjacent farm land. The irrigation district was reorganized in 1917.[1]

School Records

An Indian Cove School was established in 1913 and continued to operate until the late 1930s, when students from Indian Cove began attending the Hammett School, across the Snake River in Elmore County.[2]



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