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*[http://www.mogenweb.org/cooper/ http://www.mogenweb.org/cooper/] - This website includes separate data bases for emigrants from Sachsen-Coburg, Sachsen-Kronach, and Sachsen-Meiningen. Click on “Cooper County in the left-side menu bar and go to “immigration”
*[http://www.mogenweb.org/cooper/ http://www.mogenweb.org/cooper/] - This website includes separate data bases for emigrants from Sachsen-Coburg, Sachsen-Kronach, and Sachsen-Meiningen. Click on “Cooper County in the left-side menu bar and go to “immigration”  
*[http://www.thueringen.de/th2/staatsarchive/standorte/rudolstadt/auswanderer_datenbank/ Link to list of over 6,400 emigrants] from the Rudolstadt region of Thueringen

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Many lists of German emigrants listing towns of origin are found on the internet. Following is a list of useful websites. Additional material can be found by entering the German region plus the terms “emigrants, emigration” or their German equivalents: “Auswanderer, Auswanderung” in a search engine.

General Information

  • http://wiki-en.genealogy.net/wiki/Germans_to_America - German and American sources for German emigration to America
  • http://usgenweb.org/ - state and country sites often include links to indexed vital records, church information, naturalization records, county histories, and other resources
  • http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/ - RootsWeb services include millions of submitted names and many mailing lists where you can post queries
  • http://www.google.de/ - search engine that looks for German-language articles first
  • http://www.dogpile.com/ - Meta search engine- useful for searching for a topic, such as “Auswanderer, Auswanderung, emigration ,immigration” etc. Good way to find little-known lists of emigrants
  • http://www.geocities.com/mppraetorius/ - “Palmer list of merchant vessels” – contains descriptions and pictures of European sailing vessels, including many earlier emigrant ships
  • http://www.dausa.de/ - Forschungsstelle deutscher Auswanderer in die USA, discusses the problems with “Germans to America” at length, has links to sites containing transcribed passenger lists, offers research services
  • http://www.deutsche-auswanderer-datenbank.de/ - “German Emigrant Data Base”, covers 1820-1939; main source of information base are the New York passenger lists beginning in 1820, supplemented by material found in Germany; inter-disciplinary, on-going project. It is not searcheable online at this time, but search requests can be sent to their volunteer group “for a small fee”
  • http://www.ancestorsonboard.com/- “ancestors on board – a journey of discovery”
  • http://www.ghi-dc.org/publications/ghipubs/rg/rg012/- Americana in German Archives

U.S. and German passenger lists and indexes

Regional Lists and Indexes of Emigrants




  • http://www.thomas-erbe.de/ahnen/buch/001.htm - every-name index to: Fritz Gruhne, Auswandererlisten des ehemaligen Herzogtums Braunschweig 1846-1871. The book is available at the Family History Library, call # 943.59 W29g, [Int’l Reference], on microfilm 1045468 Item 10


  • http://aidaonline.niedersachsen.de/ - Niedersachsen State archives searcheable archive inventory online, which includes a list of emigrants from the areas covered by the various state archives. Follow these steps:

- Click on “Auswanderersuche” to the right of the “Suchen”[search] field

- Enter surname in field labeled “Suchbegriffe” and click on “Weiter”

- The next screen displays the record groups selected for the search. Click “suchen”

- The list of hits is displayed next. If nothing was found, it may say “keine Treffer” [no hits]

- Click “erneute Suche” if you want to search again


  • http://www.hadis.hessen.de – Online inventory system for the Hessen State archives. Enter the surname in the box labeled „Schnellsuche“ . Emigrants specifically are found under the heading „Auswanderer-Nachweise“, but can be found under other topics as well. Click on the topic for a detailed list of entries
  • http://rheingau-genealogie.de/seite16.htm - Auswanderung aus dem Rheingau








  • http://www.blume-gen.de/ - click on “Schaumburger Auswanderer” on the right for a list of emigrants from Schaumburg-Lippe






Lists of emigrants from individual towns

Germans to Latin America

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