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Swedish Settlements in Iowa
A booklet by O.M. Nelson about the Swedish settlements in Iowa, their founding, development, and some of their noted men and women.  

Swedes in Sioux City

Gustaf N. Swan published a very detailed book in 1912 about the pioneering Swedes of Sioux City.  It is written in Swedish and called "Svenskarna i Sioux City: några blad ur deras historia".  A digitized version of this book is available on line from the open collection program of the Harvard University Library (category -- Immigration to the United States 1789-1930) at:

Swedes in Sioux City and Vicinity 

Written in 1938 by O.M. Nelson for the large Swedish-American population of Sioux City, Iowa. An index of this book is availabe at  

Swedes in Des Moines

This book has been indexed and the index is available from Swedish Roots ( ).  The index also is printed below.

If you feel that one of the below mentioned persons may be your relative, and you would like to know the full text from the book, you can e-mail the Swedish Roots editor at  and please put "Iowa" in the subject line.

Alphabetical index, Des Moines Biographies (ca. 1931)
Agrell, Oscar, violin repairer, p. 89
Alexander, Arthur E., insurance salesman, p. 104
Anderson, Adolph Frederick, merchant, p. 70
Anderson, Herman Frederick, merchant, p. 70
Anderson, Hilding. E.O., auto parts dealer, p. 78
Appell, Gunnard C., automechanic, p. 81
Appelquist, Fred G., insurance executive, p. 91
Backman, Jonas A., manufacturer, p. 82
Barquist, Dr. Harry A., osteopath, p. 80
Barquist, Edward, sheet metal worker, p. 74
Benson, John A., building contractor, p. 75
Bloom, A. V., typewriter dealer, p. 81
Bloom, Clifford R., singer, p. 70
Bloomquist, Charles, automechanic, p. 98
Borg, , George H., office manager, p. 88
Borg, Axel F., grocer, p. 88
Borg, Carl O., bakery and ice cream, p. 88
Borg, Otto A., grocer, p. 90
Borg, Ruben F. grocer, p. 89
Borg, John C., grocer, p. 83
Broquist, William Albert, merchant, p. 99
Burkman, Carl A., county attorney, p. 83
Carlson, Carl Oscar. contractor, p. 97
Carlson, Chas. E., upholsterer, p. 69
Carlson, Clarence R., shoemaker, p. 77
Carlson, Claus, painter, p. 103
Carlson, Eskil C., attorney, p. 69
Carlson, Ralph I., bank teller, ins. agent, p. 103
Celander, Andrew G., grocer, p. 76
Dahl, Elmer H., mason contractor, p. 100
Dahl, Harry W., M. D., p. 90
Dahlberg, Robert B., painting contractor, p. 97
Dahlstrom, Alfred, mortician, p. 74
Danielson, Oscar C., welder, p. 78
Eck, Carl Elmer, baker, p. 98
Ellison, Andrew, automechanic, p. 81
Elmquist, Chas. E., attorney, p. 82
Englund, Dr. Victor A., osteopathic physician, p. 80
Englund. Peter J., deputy auditor, p. 91
Erickson, Claus E., manufacturer, p. 91
Erickson, Frank G., contractor, p. 104
Erickson, Iver C., dairy owner, p. 86
Erlandson, Elder J., cabinet maker, p. 78
Erlandson, John A., cabinet maker, p. 78
Franson, Birger, shoemaker, p. 82
Franzen, Gustaf E., contractor, p. 96
Fredrikson, Varina, masseuse, p. 92
Frish, Edwin Julius, attorney, p. 71
Frisk, Alvin C., treasurer, p. 71
Grandquist, Olof G., contractor, p. 85
Green, Oscar M., watchmaker, p. 87
Gustafson, Alvin C., investments, p. 75
Gustafson, Arvid, automechanic, p. 97
Gustafson, J. Glen, secretary, p. 97
Hamborg, Elmer:, meat dealer, p. 89
Hamborg, La Vern, manufacturer, p. 90
Hammar, Henning C., merchant, p. 94
Hanson, Harry E., branch manager, p. 97
Harpel, Albert O., photographer, p. 86
Heggen, Albin N., executive, p. 95
Heggen, Theodore S ., p. 95
Hellberg, Arthur Edward, watchmaker, p. 69
Holm, Chas. F., tailor, p. 80
Jacobson, John S., tailor, p. 95
Johnson, A. Paul, grocer, p. 90
Johnson, Adolph, cabinet maker, p. 77
Johnson, Carl A., contractor, p. 81
Johnson, Emil F., grocer, p. 85
Johnson, Lawrence A., superintendent, p. 93
Johnson, Ted A., service station, p. 102
Julander, Dr. S. E., chiropractor, p. 79
Kullander, Albert E., manufacturing jeweler, p. 80
Lagerquist, Henry, manufacturer, p. 84
Lagerquist, Hugo Roger, manufacturer, p. 84
Landsberg, Arvid O., contractor, p. 104
Larson, David N. grocer, p. 87
Larson, Ivar, masseur, p. 75
Larson, Nels O., meat dealer, p. 81
Laven, Axel L., contractor, p. 104
Lindblom, Axel, contractor, p. 82
Lindfelt, Edward C., manufacturer, p. 87
Lindgren, Buell M., attorney, p. 67
Lindgren, George R., insurance agent, p. 79
Lindholme, Gotthard A., insurance, p. 73
Linstrum, Arthur C., manager, p. 83
Linstrum, Louis Oscar, deputy auditor, p. 99
Lundgren, Arvid L., executive, p. 94
Lundgren, George A., insurance agent, p. 79
Lundgren, Robert J., bridge contractor, p. 101
Mellin, Miss Mary C., executive, p. 99
Nelson Emil, manager, p. 83
Nelson, Carl A., watchmaker, p. 87
Nelson, Edward J., grocer, p. 85
Nelson, Nick, laundry owner, p. 84
Nero. Harry, contractor, p. 104
Nordholm, Hans, tailor, p. 94
Nylander, Daniel H., restaurateur, p. 100
Olson, Alfred B., merchant, p. 72
Olson, Gustaf R., photographer, p. 85
Olson, Harry E., salesman, p. 96
Olson, Harry S., quilt shop, p. 79
Olson, Olof G., contractor, p. 103
Pearson, Alfred J., dean, p. 68
Peel, Dr. Frederick F, dentist, p. 73
Peterson, Elmer Theodore. editor, p. 93
Peterson, George M., investments, p. 84
Peterson, Peter A., book binder, p. 92
Peterson, Wilfred H., automechanic, p. 98
Peterson, Wm. Harvey, dentist, p. 68
Peterson. Fred J., accountant, p. 91
Rosene, Edward A., plumber, p. 86
Rundberg, John, grocer, p. 102
Saf, Carl J., shoemaker, p. 76
Samuelson, Agnes, Supt. Public Instruction, p. 67
Sandahl, Chas. E., printer, p. 101
Sandell, Carl L., dentist, p. 76
Sandin, John F., painter, p. 92
Seastrand, Dr. Carl E, osteopathic physician, p. 96
Selindh, Nels M., automechanic, p. 73
Stolberg, John A., contractor, p. 99
Stromberg, Oscar E., contractor, p. 103
Sundberg, Clarence E., display artist, p. 74
Swanson, Arnold E., plumbing inspector, p. 102
Swanson, Fred S., insurance, p. 72
Swanson, Fred W., executive, p. 100
Swanson, Harold N. (Wick), automechanic, p. 98
Swenson, Herbert L., magazine agent, p. 77
Thorson, Oscar R., p. 92
Turnquist, Axel L., upholsterer, p. 101
Varme, Leonard C., deputy auditor, p. 89
Wallerstedt, Axel Herman, shoemaker, p. 76
Wallerstedt, Carl V., baker, p. 86
Wilmers, John W., insurance, p. 72
Yarn, George, merchant, p. 71