Isle of Wight Vital Records

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These records are published online by the Isle of Wight Family History Society.

  • Birth records 1837-2010.
  • Marriage records 1837-2010.
  • Death records 1837-2010.


  • Full name or names.
  • Year of event.
  • District where the event was recorded.
  • Reference in the register.

In the case of births the mother’s maiden name is included for all entries so that you can find children that did not live long enough to appear in the censuses. The mother's maiden name can also be searched in conjunction with the father's name which will allow you to generate potential family groups.

Internet Address:

or search Google for Isle of Wight Family History Society

Using the site:

1. On the top menu, click BMD Index.

2. Click on Births or Marriages or Deaths.

3. Type a surname (options include exact or Soundex).

4. Type in a forename (given name) - optional.

5. Use the drop down boxes to select a year range or leave blank to search all years.

6. Click Search.




Other resources are available on the site besides the vital records.

  • A wildcard character % can be used in the name search.  For example, searching the surname All%n will return all records where the surname begins will 'All' and has an 'n' somewhere following it such as in Allen, Allan or Allemande.
  • To find birth or death records where no forename was recorded in the original register, search %male% or %female% in the forenames box.
  • If no mother’s maiden name was listed the child may have been born out of wedlock.
  • Certified copies of Certificates of Birth, Marriage and Death can be requested from the Registrar for the Isle of Wight, using forms available on this site, but checks (UK : cheques) in Sterling are requested. However, you can contact the Registrar by e-mail and make arrangements to pay by credit card.