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==== How to Cite Your Sources  ====
==== How to Cite Your Sources  ====
''Instructions for citing this source can be found at: [[Cite Your Sources (Source Footnotes)]]''  
''[[How to Cite FamilySearch Collections|For instructions about citing specific records or images within this collection]]''

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FamilySearch Record Search This article describes a collection of historical records available at FamilySearch.org.
Access the records: Jamaica, Trelawny Parish Civil Registration Births, 1878-1930 .

Collection Time Period

Compulsory registration of births and deaths began April 1, 1878. Marriages began to be recorded later in 1880. This collection covers birth records for the years 1878-1930.

Record History

In 1878 the Registrar General began keeping the births records, these were organized by parishes. The original records are held in the Registrar General’s Office in Spanish Town, Jamaica. Because the registration of birth was compulsory since 1878, the collection covers 90-100% of the population.

Why This Record Was Created

Births and deaths were recorded for vital statistics and to better serve public health needs.

Record Reliability

The information in birth records is generally reliable.

Record Description

Birth notices are collected into annual registers and arranged by district, number, and registration date. Some records are listed in books similar to a ledger and others on slips of papers with the same ledger format.

Record Content

These are some of the important genealogical data found in the birth records:
Jamaica Trelawny Parish Birth Registers.jpg

1. Date and place of birth
2. Name of child
3. Gender
4. Name of parents, including mother’s maiden name
5. Parent’s dwelling place
6. Rank or profession of father
7. Signature, qualification and residence of informant
8. Date of registration
9. Baptismal name, if added after registration

How to Use the Record

Information regarding the residence of the parents and maiden surname of the mother are useful in searching records from that locality to find information on their marriage and the parent’s births.

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