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Alternatively, the villages of this area were called
the Koschnaewjerdörfer in German

The Koschneideri (in Polish Kosznajderia) is a distinct cultural area southeast of the city of Konitz, West Prussia, that was settled by ethnic Germans at the time of the Teutonic Knights (officially the "Order of Brothers of the German House of Saint Mary in Jerusalem," "Ordo domus Sanctæ Mariæ Theutonicorum Hierosolymitanorum," or "Orden der Brüder vom Deutschen Haus St. Mariens in Jerusalem" Wikipedia article) in the 14th Century A.D.

View a map (abt. 1927-28) of the Koschneiderei here.

The residents of this area retained a distinct language and culture for hundreds of years. While much of West Prussia became Lutheran, this area remained Catholic. Ethic Poles and ethnic Germans attended the same parishes, resulting in considerable intermarriage.

Some emigrants from the Koschneiderei regard themselves as ethnic Poles and others as ethnic Germans. In either case, descendants of the Koschneiderei settlers are working together to document its history and families.

Villages of the Koschneiderei

Village Kreis Polish Name Map Cath. Par. Civil Office
Abrau Obrowo 89-506 Obrowo E 17°68' N 53°58' Damerau Kensau
Annafeld Konitz 89-430 Nowa Wieś E 17°49' N 53°58' Gersdorf/
Blumfelde Konitz 89-430 Niwy E 17°43' N 53°58' Gersdorf/
Damerau Flatow
89-430 Dąbrówka E 17°62' N 53°58' Damerau
See also Kamin
Groß Zirkwitz
Deutsch Cekzin Konitz 89-620 Ciechocin E 17°70' N 53°61' Osterwick Osterwick
Döringsdorf Konitz 89-620 Doręgowice E 17°29' N 53°37' Konitz Jacobsdorf
Frankenhagen Konitz 89-620 Silo E 17°42' N 53°39' Osterwick,
Konitz 89-620 Ogorzeliny E 17°55' N 53°60' Gersdorf/
Granau Konitz 89-620 Granowo E 17°38' N 53°39' Lichnau Groß Paglau
Groß Zirkwitz Flatow
89-430 Duża Cerkwica E 17°57' N 53°53' Kamin/
Groß Zirkwitz
Harmsdorf Konitz 89-430 Jerzmionki E 17°51' N 53°60' Gersdorf/
Henningsdorf Konitz 89-620 Angowice E 17°40' N 53°38' Konitz Henningsdorf
Jakobsdorf Konitz 89-430 Zamarte E 17°29' N 53°36' Gersdorf/
Lichnow Konitz 89-620 Lichnowy E 17°36' N 53°39' Lichnau Groß Paglau
Mosnitz Konitz 89-620 Moszczenica E 17°29' N 53°38' Konitz Henningsdorf
Obkaß Flatau 89-430 Obkas E 17°55' N 53°57' Kamin/
Osterwick Konitz 89-620 Ostrowite E 17°40' N 53°38' Osterwick Osterwick
Petztin Tuchel 89-506 Piastoczyn E 17°43' N 53°37' Reetz Reetz
Schlagenthin Konitz 89-620 Sławęcin E 17°62' N 53°60' Lichnau Osterwick

Catholic Parishes of the Koschneiderei

The extant Catholic parish registers for the Koschneideri are being extracted and may be searched (pick your flag to change languages) at the Pomeranian Genealogical Association website. Additional extracted records may be found at the Koschneideri.de website linked in another section below.

Parish Kreis Polish Name Map Villages Served FHL Catalog
Damerau Flatow
89-430 Dąbrówka E 17°62' N 53°58' Damerau, Abrau Catalog
Frankenhagen Konitz 89-620 Silno E 17°70' N 53°65' Frankenhagen Catalog
Konitz 89-620 Ogorzeliny E 17°55' N 53°60' Gersdorf/Görsdorf +
    Melanowo, Melanenhof
Blumfelde +
    Katharinenhof, Neumühle
89-430 Kamień
E 17°52' N 53°54' Groß-Zirkwitz, Obkaß,
Damerau (some years)
Lichnau Konitz 89-620 Lichnowy
History in Polish
E 17°60' N 53°65' Lichnau
Osterwick Flatow
89-620 Ostrowite E 17°67' N 53°63' Osterwick, Deutsch Cekzin,
Frankenhagen (until 1906)
Reetz Tuchel 89-502 Raciąż E 17°79' N 53°66' Petztin Catalog

Additionally, there were five churches affiliated to the above parishes:

Civil Records Offices of the Koschneiderei

The civil records at the Family History Library (FHL) are very limited. For more information about Polish civil records and how to obtain records not in the FHL, see the Poland Civil Registration- Vital Records page.

Koschneiderei books

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Author Title Publication
Panske, Paul Familien der Koschnaewjerdörfer im achtzehnten Jahrhundert : nach amtlichen Quellen
Sonder-Abdruck aus Heft 20 der Deutschen Wissenschaftl. Zeitschrift f. Polen.
From the Family History Library.
Posen 1930
Panske, Paul Personennachweis für die Koschnäwjerdörfer (Koschneiderei) von 1651-1702
On the web.
From the Family History Library.
Posen 1938
Rink, Dr. Joseph Die Geschichte der Koschneiderei -
Ihre Bevölkerung im Jahre 1772 und Ende 1919,
nebst einem Anhang "Neues zu den Orts- und Flurnamen in der Koschneiderei" (K-B 10)
Quellen u. Darstellungen zur Geschichte WP, 1
On the web.
From the Family History Library.
Danzig 1932
Rink, Dr. Joseph Volksweisheit aus Koschneidermund (K-B 25)
Deutsche Monatshefte in Polen Jg.6 H.8/9
Kattowitz 1940
Gauverl. NS. Schlesien
Rink, Dr. Joseph Nochmalige Ergänzungen zu Volkskundlichem über den Menschen aus Koschneidermund (K-B 27)
Bericht des Westpreußischen Botanisch-Zoologischen Vereins, 62
Danzig 1940
Rink, Dr. Joseph Die Koschneiderei im Wechsel der Zeit (K-B 28)
Sonderdruck aus: "Der Deutsche im Osten" Jg. 3, Heft 7
Danzig 1940
Danziger Vorposten
Rink, Dr. Joseph Volksmärchen aus Koschneidermund (K-B 30)
Deutsche Monatshefte in Polen Jg. 8 H. 6/7
From the Family History Library.
Posen 1941
Semrau, August Plattdeutsche Gedichte in Koschneider Mundart Konitz 1845
Semrau, Dr. Maria Die Mundart der Koschneiderei
Zeitschrift für Deutsche Mundarten Jg.1915 Heft 2
Halle a.d.S. 1915 Waisenhaus

Koschneiderei on the web

Individuals researching the Koschneiderei