Kyushu Region, Japan Genealogy

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Tanegashima Island Belongs to Kyushu. 46
The area of the Island is 453.87k m².
The island of Tanegashima is on the southernmost tip of mainland Kyushu, the Kuroshio(Japan Current) is flowing about 40 km south of Sata Osumi peninsula.

Tanegashima is famous for Tanegashima Space Center Rocket that has space development mechanism of the earth, and the legacy gun.

454K ㎡ area of the Island, around the Island is approximately 150 km long, the highest point of the mountain is at 282m, the entire island has become a flat terrain. The island is shaped like a sweet potato, just elongated from north to south, when viewed from above.

Tanegashima is known for its surfing.
(Quote fromふるさと種子島

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