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''[[United States|United States]] [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]] [[Massachusetts]] [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]] [[Worcester County, Massachusetts|Worcester County]] [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]]'' '''Lancaster''' <br>  
''[[United States|United States]] [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]] [[Massachusetts]] [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]] [[Worcester County, Massachusetts|Worcester County]] [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]]'' '''Lancaster''' <br>  
=== Brief History  ===
=== Brief History  ===
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'''Adjacent towns: ''Worcester Co.: '' [[Boxborough, Massachusetts|Boxborough]] | [[Carlisle, Massachusetts|Carlisle]] | [[Concord, Massachusetts|Concord]] | [[Littleton, Massachusetts|Littleton]] | [[Maynard, Massachusetts|Maynard]] | [[Stow, Massachusetts|Stow]] | [[Sudbury, Massachusetts|Sudbury]] | [[Westford, Massachusetts|Westford]]'''  
'''Adjacent towns: ''Worcester Co.: '' [[Bolton, Massachusetts|Bolton]] | [[Clinton, Massachusetts|Clinton]] | [[Harvard, Massachusetts|Harvard]] | [[Leominster, Massachusetts|Leominster]] | [[Lunenburg, Massachusetts|Lunenburg]] | [[Sterling, Massachusetts|Sterling]] | ''Middlesex Co.: '' [[Shirley, Massachusetts|Shirley]]'''  
{{MAWor towns}}  
{{MAWor towns}}  

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United States Gotoarrow.png Massachusetts Gotoarrow.png Worcester County Gotoarrow.png Lancaster

Brief History

Note: Regarding the Lancaster Town records on film #810,291 at the Salt Lake Family History Library. The film description says: Town records, vital records, 1653-1906. On the actual film, there are multiple parts and the date range covered by the different vital records vary as follows:

Item #1: Marriages 1737-1814; Births 1653-1816; Deaths 1654-1858. (These are in chronological order)

Item #2: Intentions of marriages 1856-1906.

Item #3: Births and Deaths 1743-1857 (These are in alphabetical order)

If you want records outside of these date ranges, this film will not provide them.

Film #2,259,293 has a bunch of other vital records for Lancaster, as follows, which all appear to be in chronological order with no index:

Item 2: B 1843-1905, M 1843-1853, D 1843-1857
Item 3: B 1906-1910

Item 4: M 1853-1905, D 1859-1905

Item 5: M 1906-1910

Item 6: D 1906-1910

Item 1 on this film is a published book: The Birth, marriage, and death register, church records and epitaphs of Lancaster, Massachusetts, 1643-1850 by Henry S. Norse, also available as a book with the call number 974.43/L3 V2b v. 1 and v. 2.


Adjacent towns: Worcester Co.: Bolton | Clinton | Harvard | Leominster | Lunenburg | Sterling | Middlesex Co.: Shirley