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==== Census records  ====
==== Census records  ====
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{{British Census|438717}}  
http://www.1881pubs.com/ for details of public houses in the 1881 census  
http://www.1881pubs.com/ for details of public houses in the 1881 census
==== Poor Law Unions<br> ====
==== Poor Law Unions<br> ====

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England  Gotoarrow.png  Lancashire Gotoarrow.png  Lancashire Parishes

See also, St Peter with St Nicholas, mentioned above.

Chapelry History

In 1699  the parish was created from Walton[-on-the-Hill] in perpetuity 20 shillings and threepence to be paid to the rector of Walton; £400 was ordered to be raised to build a church dedicated to St Peter. In fact it cost three thousand five hundred pounds and is said to be the first parish church that was erected in Lancashire after the Reformation.

The church was consecrated in 1704. St Peter Church Street was designated the Cathedral Church of Liverpool.

In 1830 a new peal of ten bells was installed,in 1831 the church clock was first lighted by gas.

Removal of bodies from a part of St Peter's churchyard, opened in 1704, commeced Jan 27 1868. About 2000 bodies were removed. Some of the coffins bore the date of 1707.  The bodies were all removed" with the utmost decency and propriety" and were re-interred in Anfield cemetery.

The mourning at the death of Queen Victoria was lead to St Peter as the Cathedral Church in 1900. A choral memorial service including the Mayor and aldermen of the city and the Bishop of Liverpool gave the benediction.

The church was demolished in 1922, and completed 2 October 1922.

"Liverpool was a chapelry in the parish of Waltonuntil 1698, when it was constituted a distinct parish, and a rectory divided into medieties respectively belonging to the incumbents of St Peter's church and the parochial chapel of St Nicholas. In 1838, an act was passed for uniting the two portions, upon the decease of one of the rectors..."[1]


Civil Registration

Birth, marriages and deaths were kept by the government, from July 1837 to the present day. The civil registration article tells more about these records. There are several Internet sites with name lists or indexes. A popular site is FreeBMD.

Online index of Lancashire Births, Marriages and Deaths Lancashire BMD

Lancashire Online Parish Clerks

An extremely useful resource for research in Lancashire Parishes http://www.lan-opc.org.uk/

Church records

Contributor: Include here information for parish registers, Bishop’s Transcripts, non conformist and other types of church records, such as parish chest records. Add the contact information for the office holding the original records. Add links to the Family History Library Catalog showing the film numbers in their collection

Parish registers for St. Peter's Church, Liverpool, 1704-1919 Microfilm of originals held at Liverpool Record office.

Baptisms, marriages, burials, 1704-1754. Baptisms, burials, 1754-1776. Baptism index, 1776-1792. Baptisms, burials, 1776-1792. FHL BRITISH Film 93872
Christenings, 1793-1815. FHL BRITISH Film 93873
Christenings, 1815-1820. FHL BRITISH Film 93874
Christenings, 1820-1823. FHL BRITISH Film 93875
Christenings, 1823-1826. FHL BRITISH Film 93876
Christenings, 1826-1829. FHL BRITISH Film 93877
Christenings, 1829-1831. FHL BRITISH Film 93878
Christenings, 1831-1833. FHL BRITISH Film 93879
Christenings, 1833-1835. FHL BRITISH Film 93880
Christenings, 1835-1837. FHL BRITISH Film 93881
Christenings, 1837-1839. FHL BRITISH Film 93882
Christenings, 1839-1841. FHL BRITISH Film 93883
Christenings, 1841-1846. FHL BRITISH Film 93884
Christenings, 1846-1850. FHL BRITISH Film 93885
Christenings, 1850-1854. FHL BRITISH Film 93886
Christenings, 1854-1857. FHL BRITISH Film 93887
Christenings, 1857-1859. FHL BRITISH Film 93888
Christenings, 1859-1861. FHL BRITISH Film 93889
Christenings, 1861-1862. FHL BRITISH Film 93890
Christenings, 1862-1864. FHL BRITISH Film 93891
Christenings, 1864-1866. FHL BRITISH Film 93892
Christenings, 1866-1867. FHL BRITISH Film 93893
Christenings, 1867-1869. FHL BRITISH Film 93894
Christenings, 1869-1872. FHL BRITISH Film 93895
Christenings, 1871-1872. FHL BRITISH Film 93896
Christenings, 1872-1874. FHL BRITISH Film 93897
Christenings, 1874-1877. FHL BRITISH Film 93898
Christenings, 1877-1881. FHL BRITISH Film 93899
Christenings, 1879-1881. FHL BRITISH Film 93900
Christenings, 1881-1886. FHL BRITISH Film 93901
Christenings, 1881-1886. FHL BRITISH Film 93902
Christenings, 1881-1886. FHL BRITISH Film 93903
Christenings, 1886-1888. FHL BRITISH Film 93904
Christenings, 1888-1893. FHL BRITISH Film 93905
Christenings, 1888-1893. FHL BRITISH Film 93906
Christenings, 1893-1898. FHL BRITISH Film 93907
Christenings, 1893-1898. FHL BRITISH Film 93908
Christenings, 1898-1903. FHL BRITISH Film 93909
Christenings, 1898-1903. FHL BRITISH Film 93910
Christenings, 1903-1919. FHL BRITISH Film 93911
Burials, 1704-1776. FHL BRITISH Film 93912
Burials, 1776-1853. FHL BRITISH Film 93913
Marriages, 1704-1792. FHL BRITISH Film 93914
Marriages, 1792-1812. FHL BRITISH Film 93915
Marriages, 1813-1818. FHL BRITISH Film 93916
Marriages, 1818-1823. FHL BRITISH Film 93917
Marriages, 1823-1831. FHL BRITISH Film 93918
Marriages, 1831-1837. FHL BRITISH Film 93919
Marriages, 1837-1841. FHL BRITISH Film 93920
Marriages, 1841-1844. FHL BRITISH Film 93921
Marriages, 1844-1847. FHL BRITISH Film 93922
Marriages, 1847-1850. FHL BRITISH Film 93923
Marriages, 1850-1852. FHL BRITISH Film 93924
Marriages, 1852-1855. FHL BRITISH Film 93925
Marriages, 1855-1856. FHL BRITISH Film 93926
Marriages, 1856-1858. FHL BRITISH Film 93927
Marriages, 1858-1861. FHL BRITISH Film 93928
Marriages, 1861-1863. FHL BRITISH Film 93929
Marriages, 1863-1866. FHL BRITISH Film 93930
Marriages, 1866-1869. FHL BRITISH Film 93931
Marriages, 1869-1871. FHL BRITISH Film 93932
Marriages, 1870-1874. FHL BRITISH Film 93933
Marriages, 1874-1877. FHL BRITISH Film 93934
Marriages, 1877-1880. FHL BRITISH Film 93935
Marriages, 1880-1884. FHL BRITISH Film 93936
Marriages, 1884-1887. FHL BRITISH Film 93937
Marriages, 1887-1891. FHL BRITISH Film 93938
Marriages, 1891-1894. FHL BRITISH Film 93939
Marriages, 1894-1898. FHL BRITISH Film 93940
Marriages, 1898-1901. FHL BRITISH Film 93941
Marriages, 1901-1907. FHL BRITISH Film 93942
Marriages, 1907-1913. FHL BRITISH Film 93943
Marriages, 1913-1919. FHL BRITISH Film 93944
Baptisms, 1704-1773 (another filming). Burials, 1704-1765 (another filming). Marriages, 1704-1754 (another filming). FHL BRITISH Film 1656376 Items 7 - 10
Baptisms, 1772-1813 (another filming). Burials, 1765-1812 (another filming). FHL BRITISH Film 1656377
Baptisms, 1813-1819 (another filming). FHL BRITISH Film 1656378
Baptisms, 1819-1825 (another filming). FHL BRITISH Film 1656418
Baptisms, 1825-1829 (another filming). FHL BRITISH Film 1656419
Baptisms, 1829-1832 (another filming). FHL BRITISH Film 1656420
Baptisms, 1832-1835 (another filming). FHL BRITISH Film 1656421
Baptisms, 1835-1838 (another filming). FHL BRITISH Film 1656422
Baptisms, 1838-1841 (another filming). FHL BRITISH Film 1656423
Baptisms, 1841-1846 (another filming. FHL BRITISH Film 1656424
Baptisms, 1846-1852 (another filming). FHL BRITISH Film 1656425
Baptisms, 1852-1858 (another filming). FHL BRITISH Film 1656426
Baptisms, 1858-1861 (another filming). FHL BRITISH Film 1656561
Baptisms, 1861-1863 (another filming). FHL BRITISH Film 1656562
Baptisms, 1863-1866 (another filming). FHL BRITISH Film 1656563
Baptiisms, 1866-1869 (another filming). FHL BRITISH Film 1656564
Baptisms, 1869-1872 (another filming). FHL BRITISH Film 1656565
Baptisms, 1872-1875 (another filming). FHL BRITISH Film 1656566
Baptisms, 1875-1878 (another filming). FHL BRITISH Film 1656567
Baptisms, 1878-1882 (another filming). FHL BRITISH Film 1656568
Baptisms, 1882-1886 (another filming). FHL BRITISH Film 1656569
Baptisms, 1886-1891 (another filming). FHL BRITISH Film 1656570
Baptisms, 1891-1896 (another filming). FHL BRITISH Film 1656571
Baptisms, 1896-1901 (another filming). FHL BRITISH Film 1656572
Baptisms, 1901 (another filming). Marriages, 1754-1797 (another filming). FHL BRITISH Film 1656573
Marriages, 1797-1816 (another filming). FHL BRITISH Film 1656574
Marriages, 1815-1825 (another filming). FHL BRITISH Film 1656575

Census records

Census records from 1841 to 1911 are available online. For access, see England Census Records and Indexes Online. Census records from 1841 to 1891 are also available on film through a Family History Center or at the Family History Library.

http://www.1881pubs.com/ for details of public houses in the 1881 census

Poor Law Unions

Liverpool, Lancashire Poor Law Union

Probate records

Records of wills, administrations, inventories, indexes, etc. were filed by the court with jurisdiction over this parish. Go to Lancashire Probate Records to find the name of the court having primary jurisdiction. Scroll down in the article to the section Court Jurisdictions by Parish.

Maps and Gazetteers

Maps are a visual look at the locations in England. Gazetteers contain brief summaries about a place.

Web sites


  1. A Topographical Dictionary of England by Samuel Lewis (1848), pp. 104-118. Adapted. Date accessed: 02 July 2010.