Lutheran Church in South Australia

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The Lutheran Archives is the official repository of historical material relating to the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA). It holds records of the present LCA, as well as records of the earlier Lutheran Synods in Australia which in time amalgamated to form the present LCA.

Most records are available for inspection. (Some records have closed or restricted access. Private records of church departments which are less than 30 years old are generally not open for research, unless special permission is gained.)

Genealogy and family history research
The parish registers contain information on births, baptisms, confirmations, marriages, deaths and burials of people who were associated with the Lutheran Church. These are extremely valuable for family history research. To assist researchers, a Church Records Computer Database Index has been prepared. A printout of the surname provides the researcher with an index to entries with that surname in the parish registers. This enables the researcher to quickly locate those records which may be useful. There is an additional charge for this service.

German language and translation
Up to the 1920s most of the records were written or printed in German. Handwritten German records can be rather difficult to read, and assistance is provided where possible. Some documents may be available in English translation. Additional translation from German can be undertaken for a fee.