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Free Mac Genealogy Software

Commercial Mac Genealogy Programs

Mac Genealogy Programs Certified for New FamilySearch

FamilySearch Certified Products and Services

Running Certified programs for New FamilySearch that were created for Windows on a Mac 

  1. You can partition your hard drive and create a windows section on your computer which will allow you to run any of the certified programs for New Family Search on your computer.  You would partition your hard drive using boot camp. Boot Camp comes preinstalled on your computer.  The program walks you though step by step how to parition the hard drive although I do recommend that you print out the instructions before you begin.
  2. As alternatives to BootCamp there are a few programs that can then help you run seamlessly between your Mac and windows side of the computer.
  • VM Fusion is currently $49.95 and allows you to work in Unity mode between the two sides of the computer.
  • Parallels is currently $59.95 and works very similar to VM Fusion.
  • Virtual Box by 'Oracle' is free open-source software that can be downloaded at . Once installed, you can install windows and windows software