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| width="40%" style="vertical-align: top;" | <center>{{FA
| width="40%" style="vertical-align: top;" | <center>{{FA
| article= Welsh Diaspora 
| article= Boone County, Kentucky
| linkwords = Welsh Diaspora
| linkwords =Boone County, Kentucky
|image = Photo of the London Welsh Centre.jpg
|image = Boone County, Kentucky Courthouse.JPG
| size = x120px
| size = x120px
| width="60%" style="vertical-align: top;" colspan="2" | The '''Welsh Diaspora''' consists of '''Welsh emigrants''' and their '''descendants''' in countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina, England and continental Europe. '''More information, citations and documentation''' are needed.  
| width="60%" style="vertical-align: top;" colspan="2" | The County Seat in Burlington needs additional information and the '''16 counties need links''' to information.

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Boone County, Kentucky Courthouse.JPG
Boone County, Kentucky
The County Seat in Burlington needs additional information and the 16 counties need links to information.

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