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| width="40%" style="vertical-align: top;" | <center>{{FA
| width="40%" style="vertical-align: top;" | <center>{{FA
| article= Denmark Land and Property    
| article= Genesee County, New York    
| linkwords = Denmark Land and Property   
| linkwords = Genesee County, New York
| image = 1280px-Skagen aka the skaw northmost point of denmark 6th may 2006.jpg
| image = Genesee-river-valley.jpg
| size = x120px  
| size = x120px  
| width="60%" style="vertical-align: top;" colspan="2" | '''This article needs your help!''' There are no links. Article lists topics in '''Family History Library Catalog-why not make them links'''? There are no references. '''Citations''' would make the article more credible.
| width="60%" style="vertical-align: top;" colspan="2" | '''This article needs your help in the following categories:'''  
**Record Loss,Directories
**Crime and Criminals
**Taxation, Voting Registers
**Ethnic, Political, or Religious Groups
**Gazetters, History, Books, Maps
**Obituaries, Periodicals
**Poorhouses, Poor Law, etc
<br> <br> See articles that need to be updated on the [[:Category:Outdated articles|Outdated Articles]] page.  
<br> <br> See articles that need to be updated on the [[:Category:Outdated articles|Outdated Articles]] page.  

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Genesee County, New York
This article needs your help in the following categories:
    • Record Loss,Directories
    • Crime and Criminals
    • Taxation, Voting Registers
    • Ethnic, Political, or Religious Groups
    • Gazetters, History, Books, Maps
    • Obituaries, Periodicals
    • Poorhouses, Poor Law, etc

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