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| width="40%" style="vertical-align: top;" | <center>{{FA  
| width="40%" style="vertical-align: top;" | <center>{{FA  
| article = Japan Archives and Libraries
| article = Almer, Dorset
| linkwords = Japan Archives and Libraries
| linkwords = Almer, Dorset
| image =Chinzan-so6.jpg
| image =St Mary's Church Almer - geograph.org.uk - 426721.jpg
| size =x120px
| size =x120px
| width="60%" colspan="2" style="vertical-align: top;" | If we are in the USA and want to find the records of '''Japanese Relocation and Internment camps''' during World War II, we might look in the '''National Archives of the United States'''.
| width="60%" colspan="2" style="vertical-align: top;" | How can I find my ancestors marriage record in '''Almer'''?

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St Mary's Church Almer - geograph.org.uk - 426721.jpg
Almer, Dorset
How can I find my ancestors marriage record in Almer?

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