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Biographies provide useful genealogical information such as a person’s birth date and place; names of family members, including maiden names; education; occupation; and social, political, and religious affiliation. They may also contain a physical description of the person, previous residences, and immigration information. Biographies are the product of family knowledge or previous research about early settlers and prominent citizens of a state, county, or town. Local histories may contain biographical sketches of lesser-known people.

Statewide Collections

There are published biographies of Maine residents. They may be found at various locations. The following are a few the you may want to check.

To view what the Family History Library has go to Maine - Biography

Collections Online

  • Maine State Library Notables has a list of well known people who lived in Maine. The links give some information and take you to further places to search.
  • GeneaSearch is a free website with Genealogy to find your ancestors. The biographies have links to people with Maine ties.
  • PA Roots sponsers a biographical site where individuals write stories and registers users write comments.

Additional Sources

See the United States Biographies for information on nationwide biographical collections. See also the "History" and "Genealogy" sections for additional sources. You may wish to explore biography, history and genealogy sections in the wiki at county levels also.