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*Lincoln Plantation (Oxford Co.)  
*[[Lincoln Plantation, Maine|Lincoln Plantation]] (Oxford Co.)  
*Magalloway Plantation (Oxford Co.)  
*Magalloway Plantation, Maine|Magalloway Plantation]] (Oxford Co.)  
*Carroll Plantation (Penobscot Co.)  
*Carroll Plantation (Penobscot Co.)  
*Drew Plantation (Penobscot Co.)  
*Drew Plantation (Penobscot Co.)  

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United States Gotoarrow.png Maine Gotoarrow.png Maine plantations

Monhegan Village on Monhegan Island, a Maine plantation in the Gulf of Maine, with Manana Island behind.
In Maine a plantation is a form of local self-government intended to help a town-sized area with a low population to transition toward full town status as they increase their population and government services.[1] Plantations do not have their own representative in the Maine legislature. Most have meetings and keep records of meetings. Prior 1892 when statewide registration started, plantations also maintained records of their citizens' births, marriages, and deaths. Look for Maine plantation records the same way you look for Maine town records.

Some of Maine's populated coastal islands outside the borders of a town are organized as plantations. However, most of Maine's 34 plantations are in sparsely populated forests inland.

Plantations that increase in population may become a town. Also, some plantations have lost population and been changed to unincorporated townships without meetings or record-keeping. If an ancestor lived in a plantation that became a township look for the records of the former plantation in a nearby town in the same county.

Maine Plantations (listed by county)

  • Lincoln Plantation (Oxford Co.)
  • Magalloway Plantation, Maine|Magalloway Plantation]] (Oxford Co.)
  • Carroll Plantation (Penobscot Co.)
  • Drew Plantation (Penobscot Co.)
  • Seboeis Plantation (Penobscot Co.)
  • Webster Plantation (Penobscot Co.)
  • Kingsbury Plantation (Piscataquis Co.)
  • Lake View Plantation (Piscataquis Co.)
  • Brighton Plantation (Somerset Co.)
  • Dennistown* (Somerset Co.)
  • Highland Plantation (Somerset Co.)
  • Pleasant Ridge Plantation (Somerset Co.)
  • The Forks Plantation (Somerset Co.)
  • West Forks* (Somerset Co.)
  • Baring Plantation (Washington Co.)
  • Codyville Plantation (Washington Co.)
  • Grand Lake Stream* (Washington Co.)

*Maine plantations normally referenced without using that descriptor.[2]


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