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If you are looking for a marriage in church records please follow the steps given by denomination at "Finding birth information in Hannover."

Additionally, the family historian can retrieve marriage information from so called Ehestiftungen (prenuptial agreements). These are contracts between couples ratified by a court (Amtsgericht or AG abbreviated), in which information is given that can enhance the research, since often parents and siblings are mentioned.

Read about Ehestiftungen here.

Finding marriage information in prenuptial agreements

Situation Possible solution

My ancestor married in... Hannover. How do I find a marriage record for him?

- Determine the seat of the lower court for the ancestor's place of residence.

- Use Meyers Orts- und Verkehrslexikon to determine the lower court (Amtsgericht, abbreviated AG) for your town.

-When you have the lower court's name, go to FamilySearch catalog and enter into keyword search: Ehestiftungen and see if any records are available for the court you decided on.

I cannot find a prenuptial agreement for my ancestor -Look in church records. Follow the steps given by denomination at Finding birth information in Hannover