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Record Coverage/Introduction/Content

Directories are alphabetical lists of names and addresses. They are usually published yearly and may include an individual's name, address, occupation and spouse's name.  Directories may include maps, addresses of churches, cemeteries, courthouses and businesses.

Why Use Directories

How to Search Directories

Before Searching You Must Know

City, County or State of residence. Find through sesarching census records.

What to do Next

Availablity of Directories

Local public and university libraries, historical and genealogical socities and state archives generally have historic directories.  The Library of Congress has the largest collection of city and county directories.

Directories have been published for major cities in Maryland. For example, the Family History Library has the following Baltimore directories:

1752, 1796-1860 Family History Library fiche 6043563-601
1863-1930 Family History Library films 1376528-56 & 1605845-71
1914 Family History Library film 1697549 item 1
1940, 1956 Family History Library book Q 975.271/B1 E4p

Online Sources

Search these online site for Maryland directories.

The Enoch Pratt Free Library at, the Maryland Historical Society at, and the Maryland State Archives  have large collections of Maryland city directories. Local public libraries and county and city historical and genealogical societies are another good source of city directories, especially for small towns and cities.

Find directories in the Locality Search of the Family History Library Catalog under MARYLAND, [COUNTY], [TOWN] - DIRECTORIES.