Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Church History

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In May 2012 the Evangelical churches of Mecklenburg and Vorpommern were united with the Norelbische Landeskirche Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg. The new church is now known as "Evangelische Lutherische Kirche in Norddeutschland" or "Nordkirche."

Here is a brief history of the Evangelical church in Mecklenburg:

The Reformation in Mecklenburg began around 1523 with Johannes Slüter in Rostock. However, the princes of Mecklenburg were of different faiths so that the Evangelical religion was not established until 1552.

The Church history in the 19th century was moulded by the theologian Theodor Kliefoth (1810-1895). He reformed the administration of the Church according to the Reformation. He established a homogenous and conservative system. This proved to be a strength in Nazi and DDR times when conspiracies were uncovered because each talk with government officials had to be reported to the higher ranks of the Church first.

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