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The following Internet sites may be helpful for individuals who are interested in medieval research. The newsgroup soc.genealogy.medieval, an unmoderated newsgroup for the discussion of genealogy and family history among people researching individuals who lived in medieval times. The primary focus of the group is likely to be on Europe and neighboring regions, but postings about genealogy in other areas during this time period are welcomed. Discusses the value of Europäische Stammtafelnm, a collection of genealogical tables for important families that played a role in European history. Many genealogists researching Medieval noble, royal, and imperial families find it a valuable reference tool. Contains bibliographic guides for genealogical search of French Nobility.

[ ]A database of European nobility along with source citations. This site has information about the Kings and Queens of England and Scotland. A related site is Contains a list of published articles and books on genealogical subjects by current contributors to the newsgroup soc.genealogy.medieval. Not all of these articles are medieval in their focus [] Some notes on medieval English genealogy Some FAQs and online sources for medieval research Gen-Medieval Resources Message Boards in Ancestry