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=== Featured Article ===
The following important dates are from the history of Minnesota.
1783 Great Britain grants eastern portions of Minnesota to the United States.
1803 The United States obtains the western portion of the area through the Louisiana Purchase.
1836 All of Minnesota is in Wisconsin Territory.
1849 Congress creates Minnesota Territory.
=== Articles Needed! ===
* Minnesota Divorce<br>
* Minnesota Guardianship<br>
* Minnesota Occupations<br>
** Sub Article one<br>
=== Did You Know? ===
The largest ethnic groups in Minnesota are Germans, Swedes, and Norwegians. By 1880 the foreign-born population in Minnesota included nearly 108,000 Scandinavians, many of whom were Norwegians; 66,000 Germans; and about 39,000 British, most of whom were Irish. Nearly 30,000 Minnesotans had come from Canada, most of whom were British and French Canadians. There were nearly 8,000 Bohemians (mostly Czechs) and 1,000 or 2,000 each from Switzerland, Poland, Russia, and France.
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