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[Description of the state]

General Information

The state is located in the part center-north of the country. It limits by the North with Distrito Federal, to the East with the Caribbean Sea, the West with Aragua state and to the South with the states Guárico and Aragua.

During the period of the clony it was included with the Province of Venezuela, under the jurisdiction of Caracas. It is from the establishment of the Republic in 1830 when noticeable modification in the conformation of the state take place, forming part of other organizations during successive politcal-territorial divisions.

In 1848 Congress divided the Province of Caracas in three: Aragua, Guárico and Caracas, this last one was intrgrated with part of today is Mirada state: Caucagua, Guarenas, Ocumare, Petare, Río Chico and Santa Lucía. In 1854 Curiepe to him, Guaicaipuro and Maiquetía, where added…

In 1864, by means of the Federal Constitution, Miranda arises as an independent entity. With the name of Caracas state became part of the United States of Venezuela; in 1864 they changed the name to Bolívar, to differentiate it from the city of Caracas that belonged to the Federal District. In 1879 it was part of the state of the Center along with Apure, Guárico, Guzmán, Guzmán Blanco (Aragua) and Nueva Esparta.

In 1881 one of the 9 states that constituted the Republic it was the Guzmán Blanco state, formed by Bolívar, Aragua, Guárico and Nueva Esparta. On December 23, 1889 the name of Guzmán Blanco was finally changed to Miranda in honor to General Francisco de Miranda.

In 1891, under a new territorial political division, it became part of Guzmán Blanco state together with the provinces of Caracas, Aragua, Guárico and Nueva Esparta. This structure was restituted by agreement of congres the 22nd of April of 1899, establishing the mirandino territory as part of the Province of Caracas, with capital in Petare.

In 1904, Miranda became an independent entity with the capital in Ocumare del Tuy, which was later transferred to Los Teques in 1928 by disposition of the Legislative Assembly. Its capital Los Teques was founded in 1703. It was territory of the Caribbean Indians Aractoeques, who the Spaniards called “Teques” for short, from where it derives its name.

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  • Venezuela is officially called: Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.
  • Venezuela is divided into 23 states and 1 capital district. Each state is further divided into more than 300 municipios . To learn more click here. To find address and other contact information visit: http://www.gobiernoenlinea.ve/directorioestado/Registros Civiles de Venezuela Knowing about a country's political divisions will help in determining where records such as civil registration and census are located.

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