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<center>''[[United States|United States]] [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]] [[Montana]]''<br><br></center>  
<center>''[[United States|United States]] [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]] [[Montana]]''<br><br></center>  
{| width="100%" cellspacing="10" cellpadding="5" class="FCK__ShowTableBorders"
{| width="100%" cellspacing="10" cellpadding="5" class="FCK__ShowTableBorders"
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[[FamilySearch Wiki:Help wanted on the Montana pages|Find more opportunities to help with the Hawaii pages]].  
[[FamilySearch Wiki:Help wanted on the Montana pages|Find more opportunities to help with the Hawaii pages]].  
<br> <br> To add your knowledge and help expand the wiki [[FamilySearch Wiki:Help wanted on the Montana pages|click here]]:
<br> <br>  
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| align="center" style="background: rgb(238,238,238); font-family: verdana" | '''News and Events'''
| <center>[http://montanamsgs.org/conferences.html MSGS Conference]</center>
| align="center" style="background: rgb(238,238,238); font-family: verdana" | '''Topics'''
| align="left" style="background: rgb(249,243,253)" |
*[[Montana Introduction|'''Introduction''']]
*[[Indians of Montana|American Indian]]
*[[Montana Archives and Libraries|Archives and Libraries]]
*[[Montana Biography|Biography]]
*[[Montana Cemeteries|Cemeteries]]
*[[Montana Census|Census]]
*[[Montana Church Records|Church Records]]
*[[Montana Court Records|Court Records]]
*[[Montana Directories|Directories]]
*[[Montana Emigration and Immigration|Emigration and Immigration]]
*[[Montana Gazetteers|Gazetteers]]
*[[Montana Genealogy|Genealogy]]
*[[Montana History|History]]
*[[Hotel Guest Lists United States|Hotel Guest Lists]]
*[[Montana Land and Property|Land and Property]]
*[[Montana Maps|Maps]]
*[[Montana Military Records|Military Records]]
*[[Montana Minorities|Minorities]]
*[[Montana Naturalization and Citizenship|Naturalization and Citizenship]]
*[[Montana Newspapers|Newspapers]]
*[[Montana Online Collections|Online Collections]]
*[[Montana Periodicals|Periodicals]]
*[[Montana Probate Records|Probate Records]]
*[[Montana Vital Records|Vital Records]]
*[[Montana For Further Reading|'''For Further Reading''']]
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[[Category:Montana]] [[Category:States_of_the_United_States]]
[[Category:Montana]] [[Category:States_of_the_United_States]]

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Before 1900 the largest religious groups in Montana were the Roman Catholic, Methodist, Episcopal, and Presbyterian churches. Each group arrived during the territorial period to proselytize among the Indians and the miners. The Family History Library has a few church records for Montana. The collection also includes histories of the United Methodists, United Brethren, and Roman Catholics. Read more...

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  • The Family History Library has several Montana maps from 1860 to the present. The Montana Historical Society and other archives have more extensive collections of maps and atlases. Read more...

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